Get An Even Better Body Back, Blast Your Mommy Belly And Skyrocket Your Energy…With A Fat Blasting, Old School Tool You Can Hold In One Hand

This is your opportunity to have The World’s Leading Female Kettlebell Expert Pamela MacElree and I - Holly Rigsby The Busy Mom Fat Loss Expert - personally coach you through the most effective, body shaping Kettlebell workouts ever created - specifically for moms.

As a Busy Mom I know first hand what it’s like to juggle the joys and responsibilities of taking care of a family while managing a career and reaching personal lifestyle goals. Hours of work. Taking the kids to and from school. Parent-teacher conferences. After-school activities. Family time. We want to take charge and balance of all aspects of our lives but find it so hard to put ourselves first and make our workouts a priority.

Not Anymore! The New Kettlebells For Busy Moms DVD Workout System simplifies your workout schedule, flattens your tummy and sculpts the body you desire anytime, anywhere you want.

Finally… A Kettlebell Training Program Created Specifically For Busy Moms That Eliminates Hassle And Delivers Results All In Just Minutes!

The biggest challenge moms face is finding the time to workout. Whether it is getting to the gym or setting up the home gym – with all the distractions it is difficult to carve out the time and space needed to follow through with an effective workout.

Well, with the Kettlebells For Busy Moms DVDs, you can eliminate the top obstacle to your body shaping results. Not only are these workouts designed specifically for moms to get the fastest body shaping results yet, you will love the convenience for all you need is one small piece of equipment that you can keep anywhere – and I must mention the fun factor of Kettlebell workouts.

No other workout lets you have a blast
as you blast the baby fat!

As a new mom all over again, I discovered how much easier it was to motivate myself to workout, knowing all I needed was my Kettlebell and about 15 minutes a couple times a week. My workouts were not only easy to follow for I only needed one fat loss tool, but they were so fun and empowering. The Kettlebell became my new go to fat loss tool as I spent the first few weeks postpartum getting my body back… I did this and a few weeks later even banished the last bit of mommy belly fat revealing a flat, toned tummy!

(7 weeks postpartum lost the baby pounds to
8 months postpartum with flat, toned tummy results!)


The Kettlebells For Busy Moms DVD Workout System is so effective for it takes a comprehensive approach to Kettlebell Training. Each DVD includes 2 unique workout routines to keep you challenged, blast fat and boost your metabolism.

Proper form and safety are key to an effective Kettlebell workout. This is why you will be guided through a complete "Learn it" segment with Pamela MacElree – The World’s Leading Female Kettlebell Expert, Owner of Urban Athlete in Philadelphia and Head Trainer of Kettlebell Athletics’ Kettlebell Certification for Fitness Professionals where she has collaborated on developing and delivering the only peer-reviewed and most comprehensive Kettlebell training certification for Fitness Professionals in the United States and Germany. Pamela outlines what to do, why, mistakes to avoid along with modifications as I demonstrate each move.

Then the fun begins as you get to follow along with each Kettlebell Workout lead by Pamela and myself. We keep you focused and motivated to get the most out of each workout.


Do Something Different
Sculpt Your Post Baby Body With Kettlebells

Yes Kettlebells have been around for a couple hundred years, but have only recently become a popular workout fad in the States.

It’s not surprising, for Kettlebells are one of the most effective tools for losing fat and reshaping your body as this cannon ball shaped tool provides a total body, fat blasting workout.

No more wasted time on hours of boring cardio, confusing body part training workouts or trying to jump from one piece of equipment to the next when with just one small piece of equipment you can:

  • Tighten Your Booty
  • Sculpt Firm, Toned Arms
  • Increase Energy
  • Melt Away The Mommy Belly Fat
  • Feel Empowered, Strong and Confident
  • Keep your workouts fun and exciting

… And you can do it all with just one piece of equipment.

By harnessing the power, ease and versatility of Kettlebells, you can begin to reshape the body you’ve always wanted, but until now, haven’t had the time for!


AWESOME workouts! I was out of breath and sweating from the first workout. I loved it! I thought it was informative, fun and great to see Holly and Pamela’s form actually performing the exercises. I would highly recommend these DVDs if you have a Kettlebell.

Thanks Holly!

~ Carrie, Mom to twin boys

LOVE LOVE LOVE this DVD set. It completely took my Kettlebell work to the next level. Trying to keep up with Holly and Pam was quite a challenge – but I did it! (after several attempts ) I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for something fun and different to add to their routine.

~ Julie S., Michigan

Pamela is like a Kettlebell ninja! I literally had zero experience with Kettlebells before I met Pamela and began training. After a few weeks I was really comfortable with different movements like snatches, cleans, swings and turkish get-ups. Her instruction is really constructive and made me feel like I could almost teach someone how to use a Kettlebell! I even began a strength training program with Pamela and in no time I had doubled my weight! Seriously, if you want to learn Kettlebells, Pamela is your coach!

~ Nicole S.

I started training with Pamela because I needed a dependable trainer who would want to incorporate strength training and running into a program for me and not bore me with the traditional "gym" work out by using machines that focused on one area. As a runner I was looking to gain strength not muscle and reduce my mileage time.

Within the first few minutes of the first session with Pamela I knew that this was a good fit, for starters we were working out outside and we were using sandbags and kettle bells, I was not stuck behind a machine! I signed myself up for not only personal sessions but also group classes.

Pamela is motivating, encouraging and sets attainable goals for her clients. When I signed up I was running 10 minute miles and shortly after working with Pamela and her kettle bell programs I was running 8 minute miles, I was thrilled. I was so encouraged and motivated by this improvement I registered for my first races; I ran half marathon and marathon in one year.

Kettlebell training with Pamela was proven success for me in many ways. The training helped me improve my running, helped me keep my strength during my pregnancy with my first child and lead to a speedy c-section recovery that even the doctors were impressed with how I recovered.

If you want to stay strong, test your limits, reach your goals and be motivated I highly recommend looking into training with Pamela MacElree!

~ Sharon N.

The Kettlebells For Busy Moms DVD Workout System is available for you to try out and put to the test for a full 60 days risk free. And if you aren’t completely satisfied with how quickly your body begins to change then all you have to do is send me a quick email at return the DVDs and I will happily give you a full refund AND you can keep the bonuses as my gift to you- that’s how much we believe in this system and know that it will not only increase your strength, boost your confidence and melt an amazing amount of fat – but these Kettlebell workouts will save you time and revive your motivation to tick to your workouts!


So what do you get with the
Kettlebells for Busy Moms DVD Workout System?
Kettlebell workouts for busy moms
This Kettlebell Training Kit comes with a total of 4 DVDs

3 DVDs with 6 Full Follow-Along Kettlebell Training Workout Videos
3 Circuit Workouts: 30-30, 40-20, and 60-15
3 Super-Set Workouts

One DVD outlining a complete Warm Up, Cool Down and Foam Rolling Routine

Each of the three workout DVDs outlines 2 full, fat burning workout formats – timed metabolic circuits and super-sets.

Here are some of the Kettlebell greats you will experience in each phase of this progressive Kettlebell training system…

  • DVD Phase 1
    Two Hand High Pull, Goblet Lunge, Halo, Sling Shot and Romanian Deadlift.
  • DVD Phase 2
    Swings, Cleans, Overhead Press, One Arm High Pull and ½ Turkish Get Ups
  • DVD Phase 3
    Hand to Hand Swings, Windmill (high & low), Turkish Get Ups and The Snatch

With over two dozen Kettlebell specific moves and two completely different workout formats, you have one of the best systems for burning fat and building strength no matter what your fitness level!


Master Proper Form with the Kettlebell "Learn It" Video Library

Never again feel unsure or get stuck – master proper form and technique with the "Learn It" segment on each DVD where certified Kettlebell instructor Pamela MacElree will coach you as I demonstrate each move so you know exactly how to properly and safely exercise with your Kettlebell including modifications and suggestions for added challenge to provide you with endless variety!

Prepare Your Body For Movement & Accelerate The Recovery Process

The 4th DVD is essential to your body shaping results. The guidance of a proper warm up and cool down will prepare your body for the challenge of a true Kettlebell workout. Pamela and I have eliminated the confusion of what to do by giving you a library of options and putting together a series of our favorite warm up and cool down formats. In addition to preparing your body for movement is the recovery process.  Foam rolling or self-myofascial release, works like a deep tissue massage to improve recovery, diminish muscle soreness and increase flexibility.

(Each DVD is Valued at $39.95)

Kettlebell Success Guide

This downloadable handbook is filled with step-by-step instructions on how to get started, when to schedule and how to design your own Kettlebell Training Workouts. Includes Kettlebell Workout Design Templates, Dozens of Kettlebell Workout Samples, Suggestions for Modifications, Warm Ups, Cool Downs, Foam Rolling routines, FAQs.  And more! ($29.95)


Plus 4 Additional Fat Burning Bonuses

Bonus 1 – Downloadable Circuit-Training Soundtracks

Three soundtracks 30-30, 40-20, and 60-15 with new music and customized with my voice coaching you each step of the way so you can take your Kettlebell timed circuit workouts anywhere!  ($29.95 Value)

Bonus 2 – Two Never-Before-Released Workshop Videos

Gain access to two private workshops that were held only for the small group of Fit Yummy Mummy’s who attended the Live Summit July 2011 for added coaching and tips on proper technique. ($49.95 Value)

Workshop Video 1: Kettlebell Basics with Pamela MacElree
Hands on Kettlebell basics. Feel the power of this tool and what a difference it can make to your fat loss results when you learn how to properly perform the best Kettlebell moves in this Hand On Kettlebell Workshop!

Workshop Video 2: Foam Roller Tips and Techniques
Ryan Ketchum, Co-Owner of Force Fitness & Performance and Athletic Revolution, in Bloomington IN outlines the importance of a cool down and what a difference it makes to your results as he walks you step by step through a hands on cool down session using a Foam Roller.

Bonus 3 – 21 Day Accelerator Diet

Maximize your fat loss results with this downloadable packet! Since 75% of your fat loss and body shaping results comes from how and what you eat, so I am giving you the 21 day meal plan to jump start your results.  Access over 50 pages of the TOP fat burning nutrition strategies, 21 day diet and dozens of fat blasting Recipes and Smoothies. ($19.95 Value)

Bonus 4 – Bell Buster & Complexes for Rapid Results with VIDEO

Bust through Kettlebell Plateaus! Progress through your Kettlebell workouts free from the worry of hitting a plateau – not only does this bonus downloadable handbook with bonus video show you how to stay challenged and continue to progress with only one Kettlebell (yes even if you outgrow it) you also receive a hardcore Kettlebell Complex workout plan.  Complexes are series of movements performed without rest using one bell, designed to kick up the challenge with these advanced 10-minute Kettlebell workouts for increased strength and rapid fat burning results. ($29.95 Value)

You Get Well Over 16 Weeks of Body Shaping, Fat Blasting Kettlebell workouts and the nutrition, recovery and support to enhance your results!

Now an hour long, coaching session with Pamela or myself would require an investment of no less than $95. For either of us to coach you through four hours of Kettlebell training, it would require an investment of no less than $380.


But with this incredible package you are getting both of us for four complete DVDs for a mere $197 – only if you act right now!
Now For Only $197!
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Master Body Shaping, Mommy Belly Melting Kettlebell Workouts In Just Minutes!

You no longer have to be stuck doing workouts without making any real progress or being bored with your standard weight training workouts. Your Kettlebells for Busy Mom Workout DVDs progress you from Phase 1 to Phase 3 with guidance on how to continue to advance with bonus workouts and step by step guidance from Pamela on how to keep your workouts challenging even if you only have one Kettlebell. Your workouts take you through a full 4 months of fat burning, mommy belly melting workouts and the nutritional strategies to literally melt the fat in weeks!

Deigned for YOU!

Advance when you’re ready – follow the format of your choice. Your Timed Kettlebell Circuits also include MP3s so you can literally take your Kettlebell workouts anywhere!

Kettlebells Make Melting Fat FUN

Adding variety and a new challenge to your strength workouts is empowering and keeps your motivation levels so high that you just cannot wait to workout again!


Not only will you feel change taking place while you workout, your Kettlebell workouts will begin reshaping your body within the first week. Feel the strength in your core, the tone in your arms and the lift in you butt as you complete each challenging workout.

Convenience Portability Fun

All Adds Up To Fast Fat Burning Results!


The Fit Yummy Mummy
“Kettlebells For Busy Moms” DVD Guarantee!



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  • FYM Summit Workshop Videos
  • 21Day Accelerator Diet Handbook
  • Bell Buster & Complexes for Rapid Results Guide

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Your Friends and Kettlebell Fat Loss Coaches,

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Pamela MacElree
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MS Sports Performance and Injury Prevention
NASM PES – performance enhancement specialist


PS – Your results are guaranteed by our 100% money back promise. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your results after following along with the Kettlebell fat loss system we have outlined for you, just let us know within 60-days by simply sending an email to , return the DVD Pack to receive your 100% money-back, no-questions-asked refund.


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